About A La Heart

and a Little Background About Moi

My little brother, Gabe, and I on our mom's MacPlus. My little brother and I on
our mom's MacPlus.

Hello, my name is Tiffany and I’m A La Heart Design. Nice to kinda meet you.

As a career designer/developer, I specialize in all aspects of identity branding from front-end web development to web, print, and logo design. A one-stop-shop, if you will. Between you and me, my favorite is building my user-friendly web designs using the latest (and niftiest) CSS tricks to spice things up.

A La Heart Design was founded in January 2009, and I’ve been dabbling in HTML/CSS since I was a teenager (I had the best MySpace pages ever) and coloring in Illustrator since I could handle a mouse. My mom was a graphic designer too and must’ve passed on her love of design to me.

For the curious, à la carte in French means according to the menu so a la heart would mean according to the heart. (If you disregard linguistics rules.) More to the point, it means letting design serve as an inspirational tool, an outlet for passion and an expression for things for which there are no words.